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Sound like a TEEN you know?

change | time management | social skills | impulse control | anger management | organization skills

Lacks time management skills

In fact, your teen lacks most of the age-appropriate executive function skills a teen should have:

  • Impulse Control
  • Shifting Focus & Attention
  • Emotional Control
  • Effective Social Skills
  • Initiation of Tasks, Activity & Ideas 
  • Working Memory & Task Completion
  • Planning, Organization of Thoughts & Creating Goals
  • Self-Assessment
  • Organization of Materials

I can help
Helping teens become successful in school and college | harmful behaviors | afraid

Unsure about college (or even tomorrow's) plans

  • Unsure about the entire college application process
  • Having trouble getting through middle or high school
  • Not ready for the responsibility of college
  • Weak academic skills
  • Few friends
  • Potentially dangerous behaviors
  • You are a busy parent and don't have time for all this
  • You need someone who speaks the language of the education system at the local, state and federal levels

Let me guide you
happy home | restore harmony | happy again | potential

You want your peaceful home back.

  • Maybe your youngster has special needs and you need help finding services or determining interventions
  • Perhaps your youngster has behavioral issues
  • You are stressed and your marriage is in jeopardy
  • You're at the end of your rope
  • You long for that sweet kid again!
  • You want your kid to enjoy the "best" years of life
  • You deserve to be a happy parent!!

you need my support