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College Ready - A Hands-on workshop


College Ready - A Hands-On Workshop - June and/or July, 2018

Sign up ASAP!  There really is limited seating.  No more than 10 students per group.  You must be paid up to hold your reservation.      $100 total/4 weekly sessions      Call 318-678-9075

Hopefully, there is a time that suits almost everyone.  I will be as flexible as possible, and I also work on an individual basis.  Of course, the cost is higher.  Insurance does not cover educational services.

Actually work on your own college materials

Of course you have some of your materials already.  We will rethink, fine tune and update them to be clearer and more interesting to certain colleges.  Your resume' should be polished and ready to go at a moment's notice - an essential for scholarships, recommendations and awards.  The Common Application is being used by more and more state universities.  With your most current transcript, I will guide you through this experience, as well as the total completion of an in-state university.  

Ambitious? You might want to sign up for 2 months - a real bargain!

The more you accomplish during the summer, the better your senior year will be!  Your goal should be to have great grades for those mid-year and interim grade reports.  Plus, you might have SAT Subject Tests and planned senior year AP Exams that could give you a boost, especially if you are wait  listed at your dream school!

Learn to avoid the inevitable pitfalls of college

Success in college requires "internal" preparation.  Approximately half the incoming freshmen (on average) will not graduate in even 6 years!  They stop out or drop out for problems that can be easily prevented or solved with the right skills.  Learn all you can about college right now!

Take a really sophisticated career interest and aptitude assessment

This is so good that I'm willing to foot the bill for it!  It will tell you a lot about yourself and the trails you might consider blazing.  Lots of young adults graduate from college and don't have a clue about using their degree.  Some stumble on a good opportunity - some onto a rocky path.   

Hear a guest professional speak about real life at his or her college

Everyone is concerned about paying for college these days.  Scholarships are out there, but you cannot wait until the last minute to search for them.  As always, the best awards are merit based, and you get them by studying your brains out and working hard to make good grades and test scores - and by finding opportunities before the deadline!  Again, you have a "choice" between a smooth or a rocky path.

teen focus groups


Stay tuned - This section is under construction!

Details to follow - ages are approximate and depend on level of maturity

Teens - Ages 12-13

Details to follow - Educational & Therapeutic

Teens - Ages 14-15

Details to follow - Educational & Therapeutic

Teens - Ages 16-17

Details to follow - Educational & Therapeutic

Teens - Ages 18-19

Details to follow - Educational & Therapeutic

Adults - DBT Skills & Therapy (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

Details to follow - Educational & Therapeutic (generally not related to Teen Focus Groups)