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Counseling adults with depression and anxiety

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Your decisions are important, affect others, and perhaps are causing undue stress for you and others.

Have others have always admired your "decisiveness," but lately you question yourself?  You find too much information, too many choices, and too many rabbit holes between you and a solid decision.  You need to make changes, but the confidence simply isn't there. Counseling can help adults, teens and children minimize anxiety and help with symptoms of depression.    

With every stage of life, our focus and priorities naturally change. Fresh insight from a professional with whom you can honestly speak your mind can get you moving in the right direction.

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You're not sure where life is taking you and how to prepare for the future

Knowing more about yourself, setting realistic goals, and developing a plan for your life sounds great - but there are roadblocks to move past.  If a career change or more education is a consideration, mistakes can be costly. Make sure you're on the right track!

My previous career involved the high school and college environments. Whether you are starting the college selection process, going back to complete a degree, training for a new career, or have special needs that must be addressed, I can help.

I offer low-cost career assessments, as well as other instruments to help you know more about your personal "temperament," interests, values, strengths and needs. Perhaps you've had challenges dealing with certain types of folks through the years. Maybe you're just miserable doing what you're doing with your life.  Change isn't just possible - it's probable!

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You need a helping hand and a listening ear

Friends and family are great, but sometimes they may not be objective. Often, they know you too well and love you too much to be totally honest. You need someone who listens non-judgmentally and helps you formulate a plan that can actually work for you. I am here to serve you within the Shreveport/Bossier City area.  Through counseling, I will hold you accountable to take effective action steps to relieve the pain of anxiety, depression, and other nonproductive feelings and behaviors in adults and children!

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