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Why Counseling???

confused | need help | change | decisions

Feeling overwhelmed? Confused? Mentally fatigued? Hey, things can get better!

If career, educational, or personal decisions are really important right now, you just might benefit from a non-judgmental listening ear and some brand new skills to keep you focused.  Family and friends are precious in many ways, but a trained professional can provide fresh insight!

direction | someone to talk to | tired | confused

Balance is possible, even for you!

  • Put healthy control back in your life 
  • Time Management and Organization can be reality again
  • Through effective decision making, take something off your plate, so there's room for YOU 
  • Encouragement, experience and knowledge can help you create positive changes in your life - and to stop digging that hole you're in!

skills | peace of mind | coping skills | get back on track

You deserve new skills for cultivating peace of mind, happiness, and a return to creativity and joy!

Your loved ones perhaps miss you - or at least the way you were before "life happened!"  You CAN make positive changes in your life.  You use a GPS, a spell checker, a smart phone - all sorts of high-tech gadgets!  Make a decision TODAY to create a brand new personal tool box, with an improved set of plans to get your dreams back on track!


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Carol Brill, MA, MEd, LPC, NCC, NCSC

Carol Brill Counseling

820 Jordan St, Suite 510-C, Shreveport, LA 71101



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